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Don’t know where to start, but as per my point of view I have few things to share.

After completing my studies, I started applying lots of jobs in different different job portals, but I get one or two calls every day from the company HR and for someday there is no calls. After few months passed, I started wonder why I am not getting lots of calls, even-though I am applying lots of jobs in different different job portal on daily basis.

In some point of time, I started doubt myself and ask questions to myself, why I am not getting calls from the company HR, my resume is not good, how to write quality resume, Do I have good Knowledge, Am I asking high salary etc...

After a long experience of searching and applying the job in the different different job portal I understand how the job market works. Now I want to share few things to you all how to apply a job to get more calls.


Here I said understanding, immediately don’t think we need to understand the Job description “No”. Yes we need to understand the Job description, but we need to understand that HR / Interviewer first. They are not there to reject candidates, instead they are there to find the right candidates.

I give you one example here, we need one candidate for a job, here the HR went to the on-campus interview. HR went to the college and taking the interview and selected one candidate. Do you know why, same college, same department, still they are selecting one candidate. The reason is that they are looking for something else. For example attitude, Ability to think outside the box, Passionate about work, strong Decision Maker, updates regarding your domain etc..

Applying a Job:

Don’t just apply any jobs, most of them are doing same mistake, without reading or saw few keywords of the Job Description we are applying the job.

Why are we doing this? Because it is easy to apply, no one will ask you any questions. But it is a painful job for all recruiters and the interviewer. Scrutinizing the candidate application is a headache job. In this process there is chance that they will miss the good candidate profile.

Know about your Domain:

Before applying any job, you must have to set a clear path in which domain you want to start your career. And, you must know what the future of that domain is. Most of them doesn’t know what they want. Most of them want job, but in which domain.

Now you can apply the JOB..

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