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Who is the loneliest people on earth



The loneliest people on earth, that’s good question, do you know that being lonely and alone is different? We can be with bunch of people but we still can feel lonely inside, why? Because we feels like we don’t belong with them, we feel that no one can understand us, and we live this life different than others. The feeling of some distinction between us than the group of people we hang out with. I was lonely person, but not anymore.

Feeling un-accepted

As human we tried to find our position in life. Loneliest people think that they don’t belong in any place.

Feeling insecure

Being lonely and insecure Is almost the same, because lonely person usually insecure to opened up about themselves and to be intimate with anyone. Don’t you know that we can get ridded that lonely feelings with being intimate and understood by others?

Being Judgmental

The quick trip to become the loneliest people on earth is being judgmental toward anyone that want to be our friends. We think the worse of them instead the best, most of the time our negative thought about people isn’t the truth at all.

Having bad attitude

If you want to be alone and lonely at the same time, try to have bad attitude. First toward ourselves, see every negative things about us then reflect it to others. If we have this self image as mean stingy person, and reflect that to others, I guarantee you to feel lonely and be alone at the same time. You can be the loneliest person on earth if you do this regularly years after years.

No one want to be lonely, but it’s good sometimes to be alone. State of loneliness is not about how many friends we have, but about how many friends that have meaning in our heart, and we have meaning in theirs also.

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